Selection:  We use organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds for our produce.  Growing multiple varieties of each vegetable allows us to find what grows best and provides choices for many tastes.

Seed Starting:  Seeds that need an early start are started indoors and transplanted in the garden later, while seeds that do not like their roots disturbed are direct seeded into the garden beds.  Seeds that begin life under the grow lights are started in organic soil blocks that go directly into the garden.  Plants that need to grow a bit larger before landing in the garden are transplanted into reusable pots that are a bit larger than the soil blocks.

Garden:  We use sustainable practices to build and improve the soil naturally.  Using raised beds and primarily no till methods helps preserve the soil’s structure and health.  Testing the soil regularly helps us identify when the soil needs a little help such as natural lime to improve the pH.  Crops are rotated to improve soil health and minimize pests.  Winter cover crops reduce soil erosion, add nutrients, and provide mulch during the growing season.  Where the cover crop doesn’t supply enough mulch, we use mulched leaves to help minimize weeds.

Growing:  As a certified organic microfarm, we follow strict organic growing practices and use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Plants are nourished using compost and worm castings and when it doesn’t rain they get watered through drip irrigation.  Drip irrigation helps minimize water consumption and reduces the risk of diseases that like wet foliage.

Pest and Disease Control:  Companion planting helps to reduce the number of pests, attract beneficial insects, and increase the health of each plant.  We also hand pick potato beetles, squash bugs, tomato hornworms, and other pests. Flowers help attract pollinating bees and other beneficial insects.  Cover crop mulch augmented with chopped leaves helps reduce and regulate water consumption while preventing soil diseases from contaminating the leaves.

Certifications:  Nature’s Peace Garden is USDA Certified Organic by Clemson University.  We are Certified South Carolina Grown and a Real Organic Project farm.  We are also a certified nursery and provide veggie starts in the spring.