Certified Organic Pepper starts are in 4 inch pots. Plants are 4-10″ tall, depending on when they’re purchased.

$4.75 per plant or any 3 peppers for $13.  Please Email your request to  NaturesPeaceGarden@gmail.com  and  we will respond regarding a pick-up date.

All  varieties are sweet peppers unless otherwise indicated.

Scoville Scale:

Mild (100-2,500)

Medium (2,500-30,000

Hot (30,000-100,000)

Extra Hot (100,000-300,000+)

DescriptionImage of Fruit
Anaheim Chili (Mildly hot) Scoville=500-2000 SOLD OUT
Heirloom Emilio Ortego brought to Anaheim, CA in the 1900’s. Delicious mild (when green) to medium hot flavor (when deep red). Excellent for roasting or frying. Good yields of 6-7” chili peppers. Harvest either green or red.
Ashe County Pimento (Sweet) SOLD OUT
Heirloom from NC. 3-4” in diameter, incredibly sweet, thick-fleshed pimento. High-yielding and produces even after a fall frost.
Corno Di Toro (Bull’s Horn) (Sweet) SOLD OUT
Italian heirloom. Delicious with a crisp, full-bodied flavor. Excellent for frying, stuffed, or just raw. Great producer.
Habanero (Hot) SOLD OUT Scoville 100,000-350,000
Extremely pungent pepper often used in Jamaican “jerk” sauces. Thin walled 1-2” long fruits.
Jalapeno M (Mildly hot) SOLD OUT Scoville=3,500-8,000
An heirloom and probably the most well-known of all the jalapenos. Dark green, medium-hot, thick walled peppers 3” long. Matures to dark red. Prolific producer.
Jimmy Nardello (Sweet) SOLD OUT
Giuseppe Nardello (his son was Jimmy) brought this heirloom from southern Italy in 1887. Long, thin-skinned, up to 10” frying pepper with a rich flavor. Very prolific producer. It looks hot, but has no heat.
Lunchbox Red, Lunchbox Orange, and Lunchbox Yellow (PLEASE specify color desired) (Sweet) SOLD OUT
Red, orange or yellow snacking peppers. Plants produce LOTS of mini-sized peppers that are sweet and flavorful. These peppers are not heirlooms, but are just so wonderful that I have to grow them. Please specify Red, Orange or Yellow in your request.
Marconi Red (Sweet) SOLD OUT
Italian heirloom. Red, sweet, crunchy fruits grow 7-12 inches long. Excellent eaten fresh or fried. Prolific producer.
Super Shepherd (Sweet) SOLD OUT
An Italian heirloom pepper with thick, sweet flesh perfect for stuffing. Fruit are 4-7”. Very productive.