Certified Organic Herb starters are in 4 inch pots.

$4.25 each or any 3 herbs for $11.  Please Email your request to  NaturesPeaceGarden@gmail.com and  we will respond regarding a pick-up date.

DescriptionImage of Mature Plant
Basil – Cinnamon – Annual
Flavor is of intense basil with a note of mint, anise, and cinnamon. Use in drinks, salads, soups, pasta, and desserts. Flowers are also edible and beautiful in flower bouquets.
Basil - Genovese - Annual
Italian heirloom. Large, tender dark green leaves that are great for pesto. Harvest often to encourage new growth and delay blooming.
Basil - Thai – Annual
Anise-clove flavor. Popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. Also delicious when added to salads. Flowers are edible and beautiful in bouquets.

Regular Thai Basil: Blooms earlier. Better choice for floral arrangements or edible flowers.

Everleaf Thai Towers Basil: Larger leaves and much slower to bloom. Better choice for using leaves in cooking.

Please specify which variety you'd like when ordering.

Catnip - Perennial
The herb that cats love! Harvest often to keep the foliage producing. Can be used fresh or dried. Comes back next year.
Celery - Utah Tall - Annual
Crisp, stringless stalks with a refreshingly light flavor. A vigorous grower with thick, well-rounded stalks.
Cilantro - Annual
Popular for Mexican cuisine – a must for salsa and chili recipes. If you let it go to seed, you can harvest the coriander.
Egyptian Walking Onions - PerennialSOLD OUT
A green onion that keeps on giving. The plant grows a stalk with bulblets at the end. As these get heavy, the stalk falls over and roots to produce more onions. Use them like scallions.
Mint - Applemint - Perennial
Delicious and aromatic with a subtle spearmint scent and flavor. My favorite for refreshing summer drinks or Moroccan tea. Grow in a pot as mint spreads very quickly in the ground.
Mint – Peppermint – Perennial
Good for medicinal uses. Stronger “minty” taste than spearmint. Spreads slower than other mints when planted in the ground.
Mint – Spearmint – Perennial
An excellent mint for hot or cold drinks. Grow in a pot as mint spreads very quickly in the ground.
Italian Parsley - Biennial
A favorite for seasoning and drying. Large, dark, glossy leaves offer a stronger flavor than curled varieties.
Oregano - Perennial
Heirloom from Italy. Large-leaved variety with white flowers. Use either fresh or dried in chili, tomato sauce, meats, and pizza. Flowers are edible.
Sage- Extrakta – PerennialSOLD OUT
Broad, dusty green leaves with a savory flavor. Used in poultry stuffing and to season meat. Beautiful edible purple flowers in summer. Harvest often to encourage new growth.
Tarragon - Annual
Sweet licorice flavor brightens salads and main dishes. This Mexican tarragon thrives in hot climates where French tarragon will not grow. Flowers are edible and make a great garnish.
Thyme – German Winter – Perennial
Low growing, evergreen perennial that is great for flavoring sauces, meats, and bean dishes.